Mon 23rd Sep 1991

Present – Chairman J Hardman

Messrs Eyre Hayward Tear Ainsworth Aker

Apologies Mrs W. Akers, Mr r Perraudin

Matters Arising

Correspondencereceived from F. Keech reporting that all Breeders except 2 had broken.

Goblet — recommended that the goblet for Dutch should be awarded at the first show. This to be put to the A.G.M.

Dudmaston — An excellent visit had taken place.

Lord Cochrane of Cults a Vice President had died


Many letters had been received but individual letters were send from Peter Goodchild, Ben Kitching and Mrs Hopkins

Discussion also took place on a letter received from Maurice Evans regarding use of the slides he had taken.

Financial Accounts :- The treasurer produced a draft of the accounts which he would present at the AGM. This showed the finance of the society at a record level.

A discussion took place on the perposed Agenda for the AGM with a brief discussion on the aims of the Society. These were to include

Showing of E. Florist and other Tulips

Preservation of the Florist Tulip.

Continuing to develop the tulip

Publicising the Society

Helping members to paint and photograph the E.F. Tulip

Restoration of the breeders.

A suggestion was made that we could provide later to identify the members.

Proposed that the Society should elect Timothy Clark as a Vice President to replace Lord Cochrane of Cults

W.D.Tear should be deleted — now a Patron

A.Hayward to be added. This was a mistake as he had been previously elected.

The meeting closed at 9.15pm (Signed JG Hardman April 3 4th 1992

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