Mon 23rd Apr 1979

C Harrison took the chair with 13 member present

Mr Earnshaw, J Akers, J Taylor, J Hardman, N J Gibson, Mrs Townsend, M Hayward, M Jackson, H Collins, S Knowles

P Emmett, Mr Cotton, K N Eyre Hon Sec

Apologies N H Eyre, D Guest, H V Calvert J L Akers

The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

Matters Arising — None

Correspondence Letter No 1 Th Sun AllianceInsurance had sent the notice of the new rates to pay for the insurance on the Silver Trophies this was now £16.50 per year. The meeting agreed to pay the bill.

Letter No2 The Victoria and Albert Museum had written to ask the Society could supply some English Tulips for the Exhibition on Gardening to open on the 23rd May 1979 — After a short discussion the meeting agreed to send some blooms and the secretary get in touch with their Anne Hills to asp arranged further help had sent a letter stating that in the future he hope to help our Society in a none practical way.

Letters No 4&5 We have had two people from the USA asking about the Society and the English Tulips. The Secretary reported that he had dealt with these letters.

No 6 Mrs Jones for Pennyfford asked to become a member. The meeting agreed to

No 7 Wakefield HDC had sent the show dates for the other Gardening Societies in the area.

Show Details as the cold weather had been severe this winter the growing season is about 2 weeks late. No date was set for the show. Mr Akers would like it on the 19th May some other members suggested 26th May.

Judges W D Tear has agreed to judge the show again this year.

Schedule The meeting agreed to keep the classes as last year with the addition of a new class for 3 Breeders in the Novice section.

Mr Peter Emmett ask if he could present the society with a rose bowl to be known as the Peter Emmett Trophy to be competed for in class 2 Nine Dutch Tulips

The Chairman thanked peter for the trophy.

Raffle Prize Nine member offered prizes.

Opener This was left till next meeting

Vases It was agreed that the Society should us it own and Normanton Paxton Soc Vases and not take up the offer from the NCB this year.

Next Meeting 9th May

Raffle raised £1.70

Colin Harrison

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