Sat 23rd Apr 1955

Members Present Messrs Hunter (President) Beddows Tear

Hunt, Eyre, Midgley, Booth, Hardman, Calvert, Bell

Meens, Prest & the Secretary J Akers.

Minutes Pro G Hunt } that minutes of previous

Sec W Beddows} meeting be accepted as a true record. The secretary was to inform Mr Meens

& Mr EH Robinson that they are judges for the

Annual Show.

Advertising Pro G Hunt } that an advert be put

Sec W Beddows } in the "Wakefield Express"

for the Annual Show & another in the "Advertiser"

for the Altofts Show.

Raffles Pro J Hardman } that there be a raffle

Sec N Eyre } for each show.

Annual Show

Raffle Prizes 1 Bot of Rum (Society)

2 ½ Bot Whiskey (M Hunter)

3 1 Box Chocolates (Mr Eyre

4 1 pair Towels (Mr Hunt)

5 2 doz Eggs (Mr Hunter)

6 1 box Chocolates (Mr Beddows).


Altofts Show

1 1 bot of Rum (Society)

2 ½ bot of Whiskey (J Akers)

3 10/- (J Hardman)

4 Prize ( A Tear)

5 Box of Chocolates (Mr Beddows)


Tickets 5 for 1/- 3d each for both Shows.

Other arrangements for shows to be arranges at next meeting May 7th

J Akers & N Eyre to see the secretary of the

Thornes Club on Monday Apl 25th

Raffle of Chrysanthemum plants & eggs realised

10/6 after paying 2/6 for room.

Meeting closed 7.45 pm May 7th 1955 FRHunter

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