Sat 23rd Apr 1949

Meeting opened at 7-10

In the absence of the President (Mr FR Hunter)

Mr N Eyre was elected chairman

Mr Robshaw pro Mr A Tear sec that the minutes of the previous meeting be confirmed.

Mr E H Robinson not having arrived the show business was left until his arrival,

Trip to Spalding

Mr Kenneth Robinson stated that we could have a 35 seater bus from G Illingworth Ltd Huggleston Wakefield for £29 which included £3-10 for the

34 miles tour of the tulip fields. It was stated that the trip to Spalding would take four hours Some members thought this kind of trip was not what we wanted. Asked by the Chairman for a proposition, Mr Hunt pro, Mr Wilfred Robinson sec that the trip be made and that the date 8th May be accepted

Mr Robshaw pro Mr Reg Robinson sec that the bus leave Horbury at 8am

Mr Robshaw pro Mr Mouter sec that we take sandwiches for dinner

Mr Meens pro Mr EH Robinson sec that we write the Red Lion Hotel

Spalding for tea at 5 oclock.


Mr EH Robinson said that he and Mr Hunter had been well received by the landlord of the Whinney Moor who had been very disapointed because he had not been informed last year that the show was to be held elsewhere until he had seen it in the "Wakefield Express" The Landlord said he would be pleased to have us back and would see that his customers came upstairs to the show and the sale of flowers. we could have any date except the 28th May which was booked for a wedding.

Mr Reg Robinson pro Mr Eddy Robinson sec

That we go back to the Whinney Moor.

Show Date

Proposition Mr T Robinson pro Mr Hunt sec that the show date be the 21st & 22nd May


Mr A Tear pro Mr Beddows Sec that the date be 14th & 15th May

The amendment was carried,


After a lengthy discussion Mr Beddows pro Mr Tear seconded

That the Landlord of the Whinney Moor be approached to find a suitable opener from his friends Mr Teddy Robinson agreed to see him along with Mr Hunter

Second Show

Mr Prest pro Mr R Robinson sec that a minor show be held at Altofts on the 21st &22nd May

Mr Preste pro Mr Beddows sec that the 1947 Schedule be adopted for this show.

Whinney Moor Show

Classes After much debating proposition Mr R Robinson pro Mr Preste sec

Same classes as 1948


Mr J Akers pro Mr Beddows sec that

1947 Dutch Classes and an additional

Class for 6 Tulips be accepted

The amendment was carried

Gold Medal

Proposition Mr Beddows pro Mr Meens sec that the Gold Medal be dropped


Mr R Robinson pro Mr Hunt sec that the Gold Medal be given for most points in the whole show

The Amendment was carried

Mr Tear pro Reg Robinson sec that

15/- be given as 1st Prize in class 1 in place of Gold Medal

Mr Robshaw pro Mr Tear sec that any

6 other than English Tulips be Class 3

Mr Hunt pro Mr Prest sec that an entry fee be charged for the class which was free

Any Other Business

Mr E H Robinson proposed Mr Reg

Robinson sec that Mr Hunt be elected to be Vice President.

Mr Akers pro that —next meeting be Sat Apl 30th and this was agreed upon.

Meeting closed at 9-10

F R Hunter April 30th 1949

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