Tue 23rd Mar 1971

Mr J Akers in the chair, also present Messrs

J.W. Prest, H. Collins, R.B. Green, M. Jackson,

J. Ward, S. Knowles, P. Emmet, W.D. Tear, C. Marsh,

J. Fisher, R. Trippitt, J. Hardman, C. Heptinstall, Mrs H. Townsend & H.V. Calvert secretary.

Apologies for unavoidable absence were received from Mr A Tear & Mr W. Carr.

Before the meeting, members stood in silent tribute to our late President, Mr F.R. Hunter, who passed away 22nd February 1971 aged 80.

Mr Hunter had been an active member & President for about 30 years. During that time he had given valuable service to the Society, was very generous both in cash & kind & his name will be perpetuated in the two trophies he gave to us, the G.S. Hunter Memorial Cup & the F.R. Hunter Cup.

The minutes of meetings held 16th June 1970,

18th August 1970 & 27th October 1970 were read & confirmed.

Correspondence. A letter was read from Mr Alistair Hunter thanking us for our letter of condolence on the occasion of his father’s death.

A letter was read from the Editor of Garden News asking for dates of our shows for possible coverage by them, & drawing our attention to a scheme for supplying free trial copies to Society members & also their low-cost printing of School Posters etc. The secretary was asked to enquire about this low-cost printing etc.

A letter was read from the Secretary of the Ancient Society of York Florists(established 1768) drawing our attention to a flower show to be held during the York 1900th anniversary festival on the 3rd 4th & 5th of June 1971. The secretary asked if we could possibly stage a few of our old English Tulips, as tulips were exhibited at the first show in 1768 & they wished to reconstruct as near as possible a replica of that show for the York festival.

It was agreed our tulips should be staged if at all possible, but the secretary was asked to point out our difficulty owing to the very early season this year.

Mr R.B. Green We were very sorry to hear from Mr Green that our member Mr J.W.R. Fox had recently lost a leg & it was agreed that a letter expressing our concern be sent to Mr Fox.

Our Presidential vacancy was discussed & it was agreed to consider it at our next meeting.

In the meantime Mr Green suggested that Mr Laidlaw the retired Wakefield auctioneer was a keen gardener & a suitable candidate & it was agreed that Mr Green should have a word with him when possible.

It was reported that the Duke of York Hotel would not be available this year for our annual show on 22nd May. It was suggested that the 29th was the only alternative, but details should be fixed at our next meeting, & the Mayor be approached.

Mr Akers promised to see how the situation was at Altofts for the early show.

Show schedules were discussed & it was agreed to leave them as at present except the vase of 18 on the early show be given the same prize money as in the annual schedule, 15/- 10/- 5/- & that prizes ending in 6d be rounded down to the next 1/-

It was agreed that we ask Mr Burton & Mr N H Eyre to judge the old English tulips & the judge for the Dutch be decided at the next meeting, to be held in 2 weeks Tuesday 6th April.

A raffle for chocolates donated by Mr J. Hardman realised 18/-.

The meeting closed at 8-45 PM.

J Akers Apl 6 1971

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