Mon 23rd Mar 1964

Members present, Messrs F.R Hunter (president),

J. Akers, J. Hardman, N.H. Eyre, R. Hunt,

J. Prest, G. Hunt, A. Tear A H Robshaw & H.V. Calvert.

The minutes of the last ordinary meeting were read & confirmed.

Correspondence. A letter was read from Mrs Markham regretting the Mr W. Markham was unable to be present as he had a stroke last Friday & was at present in St James Hospital


The secretary was asked to reply to Mrs Markham expressing our concern & the hope that he would soon be well again.

Appointment of Secretary.

Arising from the Annual General meeting when the secretary Mr H.V. Calvert announced that he did not seek re-election, Mr G. Hunt had been approached but did not wish to accept.

After some discussion the secretary explained that he had other pressing business about the time of the Shows & suggested that if a Show secretary could be appointed to relieve him of these duties this year he would be willing to carry on.

Mr J Hardman & Mr A Tear volunteered act as show secretaries at the two shows this year.

Show dates. It was agreed to fix these at a later date.

Show schedules. It was agreed that the schedules should be the same as last year except for the special class for St Johns

Club members, which was to be deleted.


As there were enough schedules left over from last year, these were to be used, & alterations to dates etc be made where necessary.

Show Judges In order that no member should be debarred from showing it was agreed to appoint 3 Judges at the annual show, who would also be able to exhibit.

The following were appointed Mr N.H. Eyre

Mr A. Tear & Mr G. Hunt.

For the Altofts show & the Dutch classes it was agreed to ask Mr F. Smith of

Altofts to be judge.

The following members donated raffle prizes for the Altofts Show

1st Mr J. Akers ½ bottle of Rum.

2nd Mr J. Hardman 2 lbs box of Chocolates

3rd Mr R. Hunt 1 bottle of Port

5th Mr A Tear Prize later (50 cigarettes).

A Raffle of eggs & chocolates donated by the President Mr FR Hunter & the Chairman Mr J Akers realised 10/6.

The next meeting was fixed for 13th April

13th April 1964


4th G. Hunt ½ bottle Sherry.


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