Mon 23rd Mar 1959

Members present:- Mr FR Hunter in the chair, Messrs

W. Beddows, N Eyre, J Midgley, J Prest, A Laycock,

E.H. Robinson, A.T. Meens, A Tear, F Booth & H Calvert secretary.

An apology was received form Mr Markham & Mr J Akers was unable to attend because of a broken ankle.

Minutes. It was proposed by Mr Beddows & seconded by Mr Tear that the minutes of the last meeting be approved.

A discussion took place on the forthcoming shows & it was proposed by Mr Beddows & seconded by Mr Robinson that the small show be held if possible at the Horbury Conservative Club, Mr Robinson to report on it at the next meeting.

It was decided to discuss the date of both shows at the next meeting.

Perkins Cup. The president reported that the new "Perkins Cup" was in the form of a rose bowl & it was agreed that it should be inscribed

The F K Perkin Trophy, presented to commemorate 50 years happy association with the

Wakefield & North of England Tulip Society.

Proposed Mr Beddows, seconded Mr E.H. Robinson the the Trophy be allocated to the Dutch tulip classes.

Proposed Mr Tear, seconded Mr Midgley that the

Trophy be awarded for the best vase of 18 tulips

(other than English Florist). An amendment by

Mr Eyre, seconded by Mr Prest that the Trophy should go to the best exhibit in the show was defeated, the chairman using his casting vote.

Show Judges. Proposed by Mr Robinson, seconded by Mr Beddows that there should be four judges for the English Florists classes.


Judges were elected as follows.

Mr J Akers, proposed N Eyre, seconded A Tear

Mr N Eyre, " Mr Laycock " Mr Midgley.

Mr EH. Robinson, " Mr Midgley " Mr Meens.

Mr AT. Meens " Mr Beddows " Mr Robinson.

Proposed Mr Beddows & seconded Mr Laycock that

Mr L.A. Haynes, Wakefield Parks superintendent be asked to judge the Dutch classes at the main show.

Schedules It was proposed by Mr Tear, seconded by Mr Beddows that new schedules be printed for the Thornes Show, the headings for all the

Cup classes to be in block capitals. After "The

FK Perkin Trophy", to be inserted "presented by

F.K. Perkin & Son Jewellers, Wakefield, to commemorate

50 years association with the W & NE tulip society".

Proposed Mr Laycock, seconded Mr Beddows that points awarded in Novice classes 20.21 & 22 be

4-2-1 in place of 3-2-1 at present.

The points for class 19 (Pan of 3) be unaltered

left as at present, 6-4-2.

Proposed Mr Midgley, seconded Mr Beddows that the rest of the Schedule remains as it is.

Vice President. Proposed EH Robinson, seconded

W Beddows that councillor R Bate of Horbury be elected a Vice President.

A raffle realised 11/- out of which was paid 2/6

for the room.

Next meeting to be held Monday April 6th

Meeting closed 8-0 PM.

FR Hunter April 6th 1959


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