Thu 23rd Feb 1933

Members present were as follows

Mr R Robinson (Chairman) Messrs F Fox

W Robinson,Beddows,Hewitt,& EH Robinson

Pro W Robinson sec F Fox}

That minutes of last meeting be past as read.

The statment of account was then read and was past unanimously

The Election of Officers then took place and the following were elected for the ensuing year


Mr C W Needham (Hale)

Vice Presidents

Mr E J Fox (Birmingham) Mr F Fox (Normanton)

Mr W Peters (Cambridge) Mr W Knowles (Stalybridge)

R Robinson (Horbury)


Mr E H Robinson


Mr W Robinson


Mr F Hiley & A T Meens

The prospect of removing our activities to the Moor Hotel was then discussed and it was proposed by

Mr Hewitt that the following three members Messrs F Hiley G Riley & Secratery interview the manager and if things are in order to accept the proposition was suported by Mr W Robinson and carried unanimously

Mr Beddows of Altofts then invited all members to exibit the tulip at Altofts on a date to be fixed so as not to clash with our our show and garanteed the prize money, this met with the approval of the members present and it was disided to have a further discussion on a later date

E H Robinson Secratery

R Robinson

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