Tue 21st Oct 1969

Mr J Akers in the chair, also present, Mrs H

Townsend, Messrs J. Fox, M. Kershaw, R.B. Green,

M. Jackson, H. Collins, J. H. Lawton, B. Carr,

S. Knowles, W.D. Tear, J.W. Prest, J. Hardman,

K. Eyre, N.H. Eyre, A. Tear & H.V. Calvert secretary.

Apologies for unavoidable absence were received from Messrs J. Taylor, C. Heptinstall, W. Guest,

J. Ward & Miss B.D. Snape.

The minutes of the last Annual General Meeting were read & confirmed, there were no matters arising.

A letter was read from Miss B.D. Snape, of York enclosing £1-0-0 donation. The secretary had already replied, expressing the thanks of the Society.

A letter from Mrs E.V. Barraclough, our member in Cornwell, was read, enquiring about life membership. As far as is known, this subject has never been raised before, it was agreed that if the subscription be £2-2-0.

The secretary had received a receipt for £2-0-0 for renewing the insurance of our Trophies, from

Mr F.R. Hunter, our president, who is the agent who had paid the account. This was brought to the meeting because the premium had jumped from 15/- last year to £2-0-0. It was agreed that this should be paid & the secretary was asked to contact Mr Hunter as soon as possible.

The Secretary’s annual report & financial statement had already been circulated. This was accepted unanimously. The Auditors reported the books to be correct & in good order. A note of thanks was expressed to the Secretary, Treasurer & Auditors by Messrs B Carr, J.H Lawton.

Election of Officers for coming year:

President. Proposed by Mr J. Akers & seconded by Mr N H Eyre & carried unanimously that Mr F.R. Hunter be re-elected president.

It was agreed that Vice Presidents be re-elected en bloc, & the following also re-elected.

Chairman. Mr J. Akers.

Secretary. Mr H.V. Calvert

Treasurer. M. J.W. Prest.

Hon Auditors, Messrs N.H. Eyre & A. Tear.

It was agreed that honoraria be the same as before i.e. Secretary £6-0-0. Treasurer £1-1-0.

It was proposed to hold two shows as usual the coming season, details to be arranged at the next ordinary meeting in March.

A raffle for chocolates donated by Mr J. Hardman realised 19/-

The meeting closed at 8-30 PM.

J Akers Nov 17th 1970.

Wakefield & North of England Tulip Society.

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