Mon 21st Sep 1959

Present Mr F R Hunter, President, Messrs J Akers

N.H. Eyre, A Laycock, A.T. Meens, G Hunt,

C. Petts, J.W. Prest, W. Markham, A Booth,

& H Calvert secretary.

Proposed J Akers, seconded J. Prest that the minutes of the last meeting be approved.

Mr Akers brought bulbs for winners of a previous raffle, & stated it was too late to order bulbs from Parkers. He had already let certain members have catalogues & their orders had been sent.

After some discussion in the subject, it was proposed by Mr Markham & seconded by Mr Hunt that a meeting should be called about the end of June, when bulbs should be ordered from Parkers as required. The motion was approved.

A raffle realised 10/6.

FRHunter Apl 4th 1960


Wakefield & North of England Tulip Society

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