Mon 21st Apr 1980

C Harrison in the Chair with 12 members present

Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

that they were X XXX

Matters Arising RHS The chairman asked why should our society give the 35% discount and also pay the postage This opXXX up It was pointed out that we agreed to send some booklet with the first member to any member who would kindly take them to the

R.H.S. Office in London. after a long discustion the meeting felt that the society should not

be support the R.H.S.

Show Opener Mr J Taylor reported that he was under the imprestion that Mr J Akers was only

Mr Javk Wood of the Garden news to open the show.

After a short hearing it was left over

thetill later in the meeting


A letter was read from Wakefield Art Gallery thanking the Society for their our contribution towards the Rory McEwan Painting. also a letter from the Wakefield Permanent Art fund thanking the Society for the same

Annual Show

Date It had been agreed to hold the show on the 17th May this year

Judges WD Tear offered to judge the show this year

Opener After a few names had been discussed the secretary was asked to contact Mr Jack Perkins with a few view to open the show.

Table & Vases The duke of York Hotel informed the society that the long tables were know no longer available. Mr J Taylor has kindly provided 9No 6ft Table top to be delivered on friday afternoon

Mr a Hayward aid that he was no longer in charge of the vases but would have 25 large and 25 small ready for picking up on Friday night before the show. The sec would ask the landlord to provide 30 dozen ½ pint empty bottles. c Harrison had the white paper.

Raffle The meeting agreed to 4 tickets for 10p and the Sec would send the raffle tickets to members with the newsletter. Several members donated prizes for the raffle


J Taylor proposed that Class 1 should be 18 Tulips and the prize money increased to £1.50 £1.00 £0.50 this was carried.

Mr P Emmett asked if a new class XX could be introduced 3 vases of Tulips 1of 9 1of 6 1of 3

Dutch any colour and he would provide the prize money he has £30, £20, £10. The meeting approved

This year there is the addition class of 5 pink Dutch tulips grown for bulbs provide by the society.

The meeting closed at 9.00pm

Colin Harrison

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Mon 21st Apr 1980

The meeting was chaired by C Harrison with 12 members present . J Akers, Wendy Akers, J Earnshaw,, r cotton

P Emmett, S Knowles, Mrs C Kenny, H V Calvert, Mr Perraudin,

A Hayward, J Taylor, K N Eyre Hon Sec

Apologies were received from N H Eyre, James Akers

D Guest, J Hardman

The minutes of the 143rd A.G.M. were read and approved by J Akers and A Hayward.

Matters Arising None

Annual Response

These reports had been sent out a week earlier and member had time to read them copy attached

J Taylor moved them to be accepted seconded by WD Tear

Auditors Report

Mr C Harrison reported that the books were in good order

Election of Officers

President The Marquess of Hartington

Vice President J Akers, H V Calvert, Lord C of C

N H Eyre, GW Gray, J Hardman, ALR Hunter,

S Knowles, D G Inesin, Mrs H Markham, miss D B Snape

W D Tear, E Worthington, Mrs White

Chairman C Harrison

Hon Secretary K N Eyre

Hon Treasurer J L Akers

Auditors C Harrison, D Guest

Annual Show

The show was fixed for the 17th May after a few members express that the 24th May would be to late and many blooms would be out on the 10th May

The meeting felt that if the show was held on the 17th the Dutch classes would suffer as many blooms were showing clo colour at the time and in 3 weeks they would be over

The meeting closed at 8.15 pm to be followed by an ordinary meeting

Colin Harrison

1971 page 69

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