Mon 21st Apr 1958

Members Present Messrs Hunter (Chairman) Beddows

Tear, Eyre, Prest, Calvert, Booth, EH Robinson

Hardman, Markham, Laycock Meens J Hunt the Secretary

J Akers.

Minutes Pro N Eyre } That minutes of previous

Sec A Tear } meeting be accepted as a true record.

Date of English Tulip Shows there was a long discussion on the date fixed & on a proposition by EH Robinson seconded by H Markham it was decided that May 31st be the date of the show.

The president & Secretary then went to the Thornes Club to alter the date & it was agreed to.

The Secretary to advise Mr Haynes (judge for other than English) of the change of date.

Mr Hunter had obtained an opener for the

Show RF Senior Esq


Kinen Park


Judge for Altofts Show

Pro W Markham Sec J Hardman that Mr N Eyre be judge.

Raffle realised 13/6 & 2/6 for room

Next meeting in two weeks meeting closed 8-20 pm. FRHunter May 5th 1958


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