Sat 21st Apr 1945

Meeting opened at 6-40pm Mr FR Hunter presiding over a good attendance. Minutes of the last annual meeting was read & confirmed. The secretary then gave a report on the years workings of the

Society & was sorry to report a loss of £12. This led to discussion & it was finally decided to start with our Annual Show 1946, to give to charity the proceeds only from the sale of blooms, this fact to be advertised on our schedules, in future. The balance sheet was then presented,& during discussion our

President Mr Hunter, said that although he noticed we as a Society still had £50 to our name, it was terrible to think that in the past year, income had been in the terms of £44, still

Expenditure had exceeded income by £12.

He pointed out to members we only wanted 4 years of business like that & the Society was defunct. Balance sheet was then passed, & election of Officers followed. All the Officers were elected en block, Only Mr N Eyre & Mr A Tear added to list of vice —presidents. Mr Eyre & EH Robinson also gave their auditors report, also pointing out, that although the Society stood in a good position, they would like to see the funds increasing,

Annual Meeting ( Continued)

& not decreasing. The date for Annual

Show was decided on to be May 5th & 6th, opener to be Cn E Slater JP Mayor of Wakefield, assisted by the Mayoress. A discussion then arose as to the date of our minor Show held this tear at Altofts at The Horse and Jockey.

It was, after a lengthy discussion, decided that owing to the glorious weather for the past 10 days prior to this meeting & the forward state of blooms, to hold minor show on

Sat & Sun April 28th & 29th, to be opened by Cn H Hall.

That is the week previous to our Annual Show.

The sum of £5 was allocated for prize money at this show. It was passed that no member in future be allowed to buy blooms at one show for showing at another show, only those blooms which member had grown & shown himself.

Meeting decided that Mr R Robinson, Mr Midgley & Mr W Beddows act as Judges for 1945 for the Engkish Florist class, & Mr Mr Robinson for the Darwin class, & Mr EH Robinson to step in, if one of the judges failed to turn up. Meeting finlly closed at 8-45 after a real good meeting

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