Mon 21st Mar 1966

Mr J Akers in the chair. Also present, Messrs

A. Tear, N.H. Eyre, J. Hardman, R. Hunt,

R.D. Wood, J.W.R. Fox, C. Heptinstall, H. Collins

J.G. Nassan, J.W. Prest, W. Markham & H.V. Calvert secretary.

The minutu minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed.

The secretary reported having seen Mr Hunter the President, regarding an opener for the Annual show. Mr Hunter regretted he was unable, because of his & his wifes ill health, to contact any suitable person, & suggested that we ask the Mayor of Wakefield.

This suggestion was agreed to & the secretary was asked to write to the Mayors secretary to see if arrangements could be made.

Correspondence was read from Mr A Laycock thanking us for our good wishes & telling us that his health was much improved.

Also from Mr E. Gibson of the Duke of York Hotel stating that he would reserve his room for our Annual Show.

A letter was read from Dr D.G Ineson accepting with thanks our invitation for him to become a Vice President.

& from Mr Jack M. Perkins accepting our invitation for him to be a Patron of our Society.

Mr Akers reported that Mr F Smith had willingly consented to Judge the Darwin classes at our forth coming shows.

Show business. There followed a discussion on the Shows & the following points were agreed.

The Early show at the Horse & Jockey, Altofts would be as usual & of two days duration.

The Annual Show to be held on Saturday the 14th Ma May, the official opening to be at 7-30 PM, the main sale of bloom start at 9-0 PM. Blooms for earlier sale, apart from those staged for exhibition, to be placed on a separate table.

Mr N.H. Eyre was appointed judge for the English florists classes & it was agreed that two of the new members would be able to accompany him with a view to learning the method of judging.

Raffles It was agreed that raffle til tickets should be sold at 3d each or 5 for 1/- making a book of

1000 100 £1-0-0.

It was agreed that the Society should provide ½ a bottle of Spirits as 1st prize for each of the raffles.

Additional prizes for the Altofts show Raffle were donated by Mr A. Tear, Mr J.Akers & Mr J Hardman.

An additional prize for the Annual show was donated by Mr R. Hunt & it was agreed to ask Mr Garfield Hunt if he would like to give a prize.

A raffle for chocolate donated by Mr J Hardman realised 14/-

The next meeting to be 18th April 1966.

J Akers Apl 1st 1966

The Wakefield & North of England Tulip Society.

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