Sat 20th Oct 1956

Members Present Messrs Beddows (Chairman)

Midgley Hardman, Eyre, Prest, Calvert, Bell

Booth, Jukes, Tear, Laycock Markham

K Robinson & the Secretary J Akers

Minutes Pro J Prest That the minutes

Sec A Tear of previous meeting be accepted as a true record.

The secretary raised the matter of a donation to the Thornes Club Committee which had been overlooked at the previous meeting.

It was Proposed N Eyre

Seconded JW Midgley

That a Donation of £2.2.0 be sent.

There was no other business.

The secretary distributed the bulbs ordered from Messrs Barrs.

He also sold some of his stock of English as promised at previous meeting.

Raffle realised 9/6 after paying

2/6 for rent of room

Meeting closed 7.45 pm

Next meeting Annual General Meeting

FRHunter March 2nd 1957



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