Mon 20th Jul 1964

Presnt Present Messrs F.R Hunter, J Akers, J Hardman

R. Hunt, G. Hunt, C. Petts, J. Prest, A.T. Meens,

A. Tear, & H.V. Calvert, secretary.

There was an apology from Mr W. Markham who was unable to attend.

The minuets of the last meeting were read & confirmed

Mr Hardman reported that none of the vases missing after the show at Normanton, had been returned.

Members discussed the purchase of bulbs, various catalogues were inspected & the secretary was asked to obtain more wholesale catalogues if available for the next meeting, to be held on Monday, 31st August.

A raffle for eggs donated by Mr F.R. Hunter,

Chocolates donated by Mr J. Akers & Florists tulips donated by Mr A. Tear, realised 10/-


Monday 31st August 1964. 7-0 PM

Catalogues were examined & bulbs ordered by members A raffle realised 11/-.

J Akers.


Wakefield & North of England Tulip society.

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