Mon 20th Jun 1966

Mr J. Akers in the chair. Also present Messrs G. Hunt,

N.H. Eyre, W. Markham, A.L.R. Hunter, J. Hardman,

J. Taylor, A. Tear, H. Collins, J.G. Nassan, C. Heptinstall

J.W.R. Fox, R. Hunt, J.W. Prest, R.D. Wood &

H.V. Calvert, secretary.

The minutes of the meeting held on 18th April & an impromptu meeting held on 13th May 1966 were read & confirmed

There were no matters arising.

Correspondence. There were several letters in connection with the Shows which had already been dealt with by the Secretary & these were passed as read.

A letter was read from one of our Vice Presidents Mr George Senior who enclosed a subscription of 2 gns.

We were sad to hear from Mr E.P. Mallpress of Bradford that his father Mr H.W. Mallpress, one of our members, had been killed in an accident last October in his 81st year.

A letter was received from John Smiths Brewery.

The Secretary explained that he had invited them to give a donation to the Society, but they had suggested that the landlord of the Duke of York

Hotel should reduce the cost of hiring the room by £1-0-0 which would in effect be a donation from him. The secretary had written to Mr Gibson the landlord, telling him that he had agreed to pay £2-10-0 for the hire of the room & it was our wish that we should honour the agreement. It was never intended that he should be asked for a donation. The secretary’s action was approved.

New Members. The following were accepted new members of the Society.

Mr Robert Ince, 47, Shay Lane, Crofton, Wakefield.

Mr J. Fisher, 16, Spa Grove, Lupset, Wakefield,

" A.L.R. Hunter, Chestnut House, Horbury,

Cr. Frank Ellis, 24 Burkill St Sandal, Wakefield,

Cr. Henry Hall, 20, Pinfold Grove Sandal "

Mr J. Taylor, 43, Illingworth Avenue, Altofts, Normanton Yks.

" T.H. Wright, 2, Argyle St, Hopetown, Normenton, Yks,

" G. Plant, 25, Hanby Avenue, Lee Brigg.

" Brain Dodd, " " Altopts, Normanton,

" J. Semmers 40, Chantry Road, Lupset Wakefield

" David Siddall, 9, Oakwood Close, Altofts, Normanton

Show Reports.

The secretary presented a financial statement of the two recent shows which showed a net loss on the Annual Show of £3-14-0 & a net profit on the Altofts show of £3-13-0. These results were a great improvement over last year when we made a substantial loss & were largely due to the sale of raffle tickets by members, nearly

2000 tickets being sold at 5 for 1/-. Mr Tear called attention to the good effort by Mrs Mabel

White who sold about 400 tickets & it was proposed that a letter of appreciation be sent to her on behalf of the Society. It was also agreed to send a letter to Mr & Mrs Bradley of the Horse & Jockey

Altofts thanking them for their help.

Letter of thanks had already been sent to Mr & Mrs Gibson of the Duke of York Hotel & to Mr F. Smith

Who judged the Darwin classes. We appreciate the Services of Mr N.H Eyre who was formally thanked for judging the English classes.

There was a discussion regarding Donors of raffle prizes at our meetings & it was agreed that we should, at the end of each meeting ask for a donor for the next meeting. A raffle for chocolates donated by Mr Akers & Mr Hardman realised 17/- J Akers July 25th 1966

Wakefield & North of England Tulip Society.

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