Sat 20th May 1933

The growing season on the whole had been very favourable, and the President and all other members expressed there delight at our new headquarters, the large show room being light and airy and ideal for the exhibition of the tulip. About 800 bloom were exibited and the quality all round, about the best ever seen, mension should be made of a very fine cup stand exibited by Mr Needham one flower which was a great attraction to other members was a very fine (Flamed Bizare) namely (Cyrano) this stand carried the cheif Honours

The following were Prize Winners for Show 1933

Open Class

Class1) Cup Class) Mr C W Needham 1st,Mr C J Fox 2nd, Mr W Knowles 3rd

Class 2 Six Rectified) Mr W Knowles 1st C J Fox 2nd, C W Needham 3rd

Class 3 Six Breeder) C W Needham 1stC J Fox 2nd,F Fox 3rd

Class4 Pair Flamed) CWNeedham1st W Knowles 2nd,C J Fox 3rd

Class5 Pair Feathered)W Knowles 1st,F Fox2nd,C W Needham 3rd

Class6 Vase Class) C J Fox 1st,J Boulby 2nd I Hewitt 3rd

Local Classes

Bizare Breeder 1st R Robinson 2nd F Fox 3rdE H Robinson

Bizare Flamed 1st I Hewitt 2nd F Fox 3rdA T Meens

Bizare Feathered 1st I Hewitt 2nd R Robinson 3rdW Beddows

Breeder Biblomen 1stEHRobinson 2nd F Hiley 3rd W Robinson

Flamed Biblomen 1stE H Robinson 2nd F Fox 3rd J Boulby

Feathered Rose 1st F Fox 2nd I Hewitt 3rd R Robinson

Breeder Rose 1st F Fox 2nd I Hewitt 3rd A T Meens

Flamed Rose 1st F Fox, 2ndE H Robinson 3rd F Hiley

Feathered 1st R Robinson 2nd F Fox 3rd W Beddows

Novices Class 1st W Beddows 2nd D Ryder 3rd T England

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