Mon 20th Mar 1961

Members present, F.R. Hunter Esq, president, Messrs J. Akers, E.H. Robinson, R. Hunt, J.W. Prest,

L. Rogerson, A. Tear, F. Booth, A.T. Meens, N.H. Eyre,

J.W. Midgley, W. Markham, H.V. Calvert.

The minutes of the last ordinary meeting held

11th July 1960, were read & confirmed.

Correspondence was read from Mr H.W. Mallpress

of Warwick, concerning his collection of Old English Florists Tulips which he had offered to the gardens of the Northern Horticultural Society of Harlow

Car, Harrogate & suggesting that other members might add a few bulbs to make a joint presentation.

The matter was discussed by members but no definite decision was reached.

Correspondence was also read from Mrs A.E.C. Lockwood

of Birstall N- Leeds asking for date & particulars of our Annual Show. The secretary was asked to send the appropriate reply.

Mr E.H. Robinson confirmed that the Horbury Conservative

Club would be available for the Early show on

Saturday 6th May 1961 & that he would find an opener. It was agreed that the official opening should be at 7-30 PM.

Mr F.R. Hunter reported that the Three Houses

Inn at Sandal would not be available for the

Annual Show & it was proposed by Mr Markham

& seconded by Mr Rogerson that we ask the Thornes

W.M Club to reserve their room for either the 13th or 20th of May.

It was agreed that Mr L.A. Haynes, Superintendent

Wakefield Parks, should be asked to Judge the

Dutch Tulip Classes.

Following a discussion on the Schedules


it was proposed by Mr Tear & seconded by Mr Midgley that a stand of Old English Tulips be added to classes in the early show, the class to read same as that for the Local Silver Challenge Cup in the main show, & that the the prize money should be at 1st 7/6, 2nd 5/-, 3rd 2/6.

Proposed Mr Markham, seconded Mr Tear that the word "Best" be deleted form the show schedule.

Also that the stand of 12 rectified, for the Needham

Memorial Cup should be all dissimilar.

It was agreed that classes 14 & 15, a pair of flamed

& a pair of feathered (dissimilar), must each consist of 2 of the 3 required colour classes, which are Roses,

Byblomens & Bizarres respectively.

The secretary was asked to send an invitation to members of the Horbury Allotment Association to the Horbury Show.

The President on behalf of the members offered condolences to Mr J.W. Midgley for the loss of his wife.

A raffle realised 13/-. Next meeting 10th April

The meeting closed at 8-0 PM.



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