Sun 19th Oct 1952

Members Present The Thornes Club Committee

& Messrs EH Robinson, N Eyre A Robshaw & J Akers

Mr E H Robinson was elected spokesman and said that the reason we were leaving the Whinney Moor Hotel was because our show this year had been a complete failure due to the fact that we had to accept the date of the show too soon in advance. He spoke of the help which he hoped we would do the club and the benefits we should receive from them. In reply to a question from them as to what was required of them we made it plain that we sought no financial aid, & would clean the room. Mr Robinson intimated that we would accept a one day show but preffered one of two days. The Secretary J Akers raised the point of auctioning the bloom on the Sunday night. We offered them time to discuss it saying there was no hurry & could let us know by letter. The Club Committee decided they could let us know in half an hour.

We returned at 12.10 the Secretary of the Club informed us that they were willing to let us stage the Show on Saturday and Sunday during May. They would cancel all concerts in May until the received from our Sec the date of the Show. There was plenty of tables at the Club & we informed them that we had bottles vases and black cloth. we said it would be enough to reserve the weekend in May except the first

The next instruction to come from the Secretary of the Tulip Society.

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