Mon 19th Apr 1982

The meeting was chaired by C Harrison with 18 members present Jane L Eyre, Wendy Akers, J Akers J L Akers

F R Perraudin,R Laughlin, J Seed, A Harper, C Marsh

S Knowles, J Earnshaw, J C Hardman, WD Tear

D Guest, P Emmett, J N Gibson, H Jackson, K N Eyre Hon Sec

Minutes of 145th AGM were read and approved.

Annual Reports The balance sheet had been sent to members a few days before the meeting

for a The Secretary gave a short explanation of the balance sheet also reported that this year that it had been very quite as for as the society the membership had risen by 8 members. the chairman thanked the Secretary for the reports this was seconded by S Knowles.

Election of Officers.

Patrons Rory McEwan J M Perkin

President The Marquiss of Hartington

Vice Presidents J Akers, H V Calvert, Lord C of C

P Emmett, N H Eyre, G W Gray, J C Hardman

C Harrison, ALR Hunter, S Knowles, Mrs Harkham, Miss D B Snape, J Taylor, W D Tear

E Worthington, Mrs H White.

Chairman J C Hardman

Hon Sec K N Eyre

Tres J L Akers

Auditors J C Hardman C Harrison

A.O.B. J.L. Akers proposed that prize money should be given for Class 8 Needham Memorial Cup for a stand of 12 Rectified English Tulips (all dissimilar) second by J Akers After a brief discussion WD Tear. proposed amendment that this year it should remain the as in previouse years. second by J Hardman

a vote was taken and the amendment carried.

C Harrison proposed that the prize money at the annual show should be increased. The meeting then discussed that 50% increase was in order. this was second by D Guest

J N Gibson proposed that a vote of thanks to the out going chairman for all the hard efforts he as done over the past 4/5 years. Mr Harrison thanked the members for their support over the years he had been chairman.

WD Tear asked if it wsa time to XXX award a gold medal again. members felt that the cost of a medal would be too costly but will review the matter at a latter date.

S Knowles asked if the members of the society had any thought on having an emblem or badge of the society in the form of a tulip

The cost of the DIE CASTING £42.00 + VAT at 15% Add a charge of 45p per badge for 250 lots with the

2 colours and gilting. The members meeting discussed the matter and the cost of 1 badge would work out at a 80p each. the matter was left over.


The meeting Closed at 8.25pm followed by another meeting

* J Seed Proposed that the Honoraria should be increased.

The meet for agreed to increased the secretary to £10.

Treasurer asked that the £3 to remain. This was carried.

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