Sat 19th Apr 1952

Members present Messrs Hunter (President)

Hunt Calvert Eyre Meens Prest

Beddows Tear Booth Reg Robinson

K Robinson & the Sec J Akers

Minutes Pro Mr Tear sec Mr Beddows that minutes of previous meeting be confirmed


Letter had been received from Cn G Senior who had not found it convenient to open this years Show. Cn J F Atkinson Ossett had been asked tp open it.

It was decided that the back of the years gold medal be inscribed Wakefield & N of E Tulip Society

Proposed that the prizes for raffle be 1 Bottle of Rum (Society)

2 ½ Bottle of Whiskey (Donor Mr Hunter)

3 ½ bottle of Rum (Donor J Akers)

4 10/- (Donor A Tear)

5 10/- (Donor W Beddows)

6 40 cigarettes (Donor N Eyre)

7 40 Cigarettes ( Donor Reg Robinson)

Tickets to be 3d each 5 for 1/-

Mr Tear raised price of entry at the Altofts Show which was left as before 3d per entry up to eight 2/- maximum

Chrysanthemums (Donor J Akers) &

Eggs (Donor Mr Hunter) realized 14/- when raffled-2/6 Rent of room

Profit 11/6 Reg Robinson won Chrysanthemums

Mr Eyre & Mr Calvert Eggs

Meeting closed 7.45

Next Meeting May 3rd

FR Hunter

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