Mon 19th Feb 1962

Members present Messrs F.R. Hunter (President),

N.H. Eyre, R. Hunt, J.W. Prest, W. Markham,

F. Booth & H.V. Calvert, secretary.

It was proposed by Mr Eyre & seconded by Mr R Hunt that the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting be approved.

Correspondence was received from Mr Garfield Hunt apologising for his unavoidable absence & enclosing literature from the R.H.S. regarding space for the

Chelsea Show. It was decided not to do anything about the letter.

Financial Statement. A statement of accounts was presented to members, showing a net loss on the years workings of £6-17-2. This was due almost entirely to a reduction of income in the sale of raffle tickets at the two shows in 1961. The total expenditure was very much the same as usual.

It was felt to be a matter for further discussion

& was to be included on the agenda for the next ordinary meeting. It was proposed by Mr R. Hunt & seconded by Mr W. Markham that the balance sheet be accepted.

Auditors Report. On behalf of the Auditors, Mr N.H. Eyre reported the balance sheet to be correct,

& the books to be in order. A vote of thanks to the Auditors, proposed by Mr Markham & seconded by

Mr R. Hunt, was carried

Election of Officers. The following officers were elected to serve for 1962.

President F.R. Hunter Esq.

Vice Presidents (to be discussed at the next meeting).


Chairman Mr J Akers,

Secretary Mr H.V. Calvert

Treasurer Mr J.W. Prest

Auditors Messrs N.H. Eyre & A. Tear.

It was decided after discussion that the question of

Vice Presidents & Honorary Members be discussed fully at the next ordinary meeting.

Also to be discussed, the Annual Shows & show judges.

A raffle for eggs donated by the President, realised


The next meeting was to be fixed on the Monday alternating with the Normanton Paxton Society, in three weeks or a month, so that the Altofts members could be present.



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