Mon 18th Jun 1962

Present Messrs A. T Meens, in the chair, J Prest,

R Hunt, G. Hunt, C. Petts, R.D. Wood, A. Tear,

J Akers, W. Markham & HV Calvert, secretary.

Proposed Mr Akers & seconded by Mr Markham that the minutes be accepted as a true record except a statement regarding the discontentment of the Gold

Medal award which was incorrect, should be deleted from the minutes.

A letter was read from Mr E.H. Robinson regarding raffle ticket duplicates which had been returned too late to be included in the draw at Altofts show. This had arisen through a misunderstanding

& it was proposed by Mr R Hunt & seconded by Mr G. Hunt that the secretary should see Mr Robinson

& explain the matter to him. It was also agreed that the action Mr Robinson took in returning the ticket money to his customers was correct & that the

£1 that was involved should be returned to him,

It was proposed by Mr A Tear & Seconded by Mr G Hunt that a donation of £1-1-0 be sent to the proprietors of the Horse & Jockey at Altofts & that £2-2-0 be sent to

St John’s Terrace W.M. Club. A donation to Normanton

Paxton Society was discussed but it was decided to consult Mr Akers in the subject before making a decision. A Raffle realised 9/-

The secretary submitted a statement of accounts


for the two shows, showing a net profit on the

Altofts show of £4-4-9 & on the Annual Show of a net loss of £6-18-3. In addition, £4-15-0 + 5/- had been received from Members subscriptions & donations

£6-17-0 from donations.

FRHunter 18th March 1963


Wakefield & North of England Tulip Society,

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