Mon 18th Apr 1983

JG Hardman in the Chair with 13 other members present.

Jim Akers, James Akers, Wendy Akers, A Hayward, R Cotton,

P Emmett, R Perraudin, J.N. Gibson, A Harper, J Earnshaw,

Jane Eyre, R Laughlin, K N Eyre, Hon Sec

Apologies were received from N H Eyre, H V Calvert, S Knowles

J Seed

The minutes of the last meeting were read and corrected

Correspondence The Sun Alliance Insurance Group had sent the new value on the trophies which are now valued at £2198. The meeting agreed to pay the policy of £25.50.

a letter was read from the ‘Amateur Gardener’ asking if there report could feature an article on the show.

the Secretary had replied with details of the Society and hoped to send the date of the Annual show when known. the chairman had received some correspondence from Liverpool asking if the Society would like to take part in an International Garden Festival next year. After some discussion it was left over.

New Members David Bromley Mr & Mrs de Winter Hebron Mrs E Grey N Davidson Mr E Lewis were made members

Show Date after a long discussion it was agreed to hold another meeting on the 3rd of May to fix the date of the Annual Show.

James Akers proposed that in class 8 (ie stand of 12 English Rectified all Diss????) should have a flower and a feathered ?????? of one variety so that more can show in the class. KN Eyre opposed and asked if the class remained as it was. 12 different varieties a vote was taken and the new wording on the schedule to read flowered and feathered of one variety is accepted as dissimilar but preference will be given to 12 different varieties of the same quality.

Members Slides The evening ended by members showing slides of last years show.

(JG Hardman

May 3rd 1983)

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