Mon 18th Feb 1963

Members present. Messrs F.R. Hunter (President)

J. Akers, A H Robshaw, A. Tear, N.H. Eyre,

J.W. Prest, R. Hunt, C.V. Chapman, G. Hunt

W. Markham, A.T. Meens & H.V. Calvert, secretary

The President expressed his pleasure at seeing such a good number of members present.

The minutes of the last Annual General Meeting were read & confirmed.

Correspondence. A letter was read from "Garden

News" asking for our show dates for publication in their paper. The secretary was asked to acknowledge the letter & send show dates when available.

A letter was read from Mr Rory McEwen telling us of his successful exhibition of flower paintings in New York recently, including paintings of old English Tulips which we sent him after the 1962 annual show. W One of these, a picture of Julia Farnese & a Dutch

Bizarre to be hung in perpetuity in the White

House, Washington. Mr McEwen remarked that as long as the White House stood, the painting

& the name of the Wakefield & North of England

Tulip Society, which was in it, would be there".

Members expressed their delight & it was resolved that Mr Eyre should see a local free lance reporter, with a view to having it published in the newspapers. It was agreed to send more tulips for Mr McEwan as requested, as he intended giving an exhibition in Paris this year.


Financial Statement. A statement of accounts was considered by members & it was proposed Mr Akers, seconded Mr Robshaw that it be accepted. The balance sheets showed a net profit on the years workings of £1-8-4.

plus £1-7-7 interest on money in the bank, giving a total income over expenditure of

£2-15-11. The auditors reported the books to

Election of Officers. (correct & in good order

On the proposition of Mr G. Hunt, seconded by

Mr N.H. Eyre, Mr F.R. Hunter was unanimously re-elected President.

Vice Presidents. Proposed Mr R Hunt, seconded

Mr G Hunt that Vice Presidents be elected from members who had given yeoman service to the Society & that those giving donations should be recorded separately as Patrons.

Vice Presidents were then re-elected en bloc.

Other officers elected.

Chairman Mr J. Akers

Secretary – H.V. Calvert

Treasurer – J.W. Prest

Auditors Messrs N.H. Eyre & A. Tear.

It was agreed that the Secretary’s honorarium be the same as before, £6-0-0.

In view of the fact the Mr Prest had held the office of Treasurer for many years without any payment, Mr Akers proposed

& Mr Tear seconded that he should receive a grant this year of £2-2-0.

After some discussion it was proposed Mr Akers seconded Mr Markham that the Gold Medal should continue to be awarded as at present.

The secretary was instructed to order it from

Perkins as soon as possible & see that the


full name of the So Wakefield & North of

England Tulip Society be engraved on it.

Show regulation

After lively discussion the following rules were adopted.

Proposed Mr Markham, Seconded Mr Akers that members may place any number of entries in each of the English classes but only be allowed one prize in each class.

It was proposed by Mr Eyre & seconded by Mr A.

Tear that Dutch classes should also be included in this ruling, but an amendment by Mr Akers, seconded by Mr R Hunt that the Dutch classes remain as at present was carried 6 vote to 3

Regarding the awarding of the Gold Medal, Mr Akers proposed & Mr Robshaw seconded that, In case of a tie in the number of points the medal should go to the one having the most 1st prizes & the points awarded should be 3 for 1st, 2 for 2nd &

1 for 3rd.

An amendment proposed Mr A Tear & seconded

Mr Eyre that 8 points should be given for 1st in class of 18, 6 points for a class of 12, 4 for class of 9 & 3 for any less than 9, was defeated

A raffle for chocolates & eggs donated by

Mr Akers & the President realised 12/-

The next meeting to be held in 4 weeks time.

J Akers Dec 9th 1963


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