Tue 17th Nov 1970

Members present Messrs J. Akers, J.W. Prest, M. Jackson,

R.B. Green, C. Heptinstall, C. Marsh, W.D. Tear,

R. Trippitt, J. Fisher, J. Hardman, H.V. Calvert &

Mrs H. Townsend.

The minutes of the last Annual General Meeting were read & confirmed, & there were no matters arising.

Correspondence received since the last ordinary meeting had been dealt with by the secretary, this was approved.

The membership of Mr R. Trippitt of Earsheaton was confirmed.

All members had received copies of the Annual

Report & Financial Statement which were discussed and unanimously accepted.

The secretary was asked to call at the Wakefield Library with a view to them ordering a copy of the 1970 Daffodil & Tulip Year Book, which contained an article about the Florists Tulip & the Wakfield & North of England Tulip Society

Election of Officers.

It was proposed by Mr J Akers & Seconded by Mr W.D. Tear that Mr F.R. Hunter be re-elected

President. This was agreed unanimously.

It was agreed that Vice Presidents be re-elected en bloc

It was proposed by Mr J Hardman & Seconded by Mr W.D. Tear that Mr J Akers be re-elected chairman.

It was agreed the following be re-elected, Secretary, Mr H.V. Calvert, Treasurer Mr J.W. Prest,

Hon. Auditors Messrs N.H. Eyre & W.D. Tear.

It was proposed that honoraria be the same as last year.

Viz £6-0-0 for secretary & £1-1-0 for Treasurer.

It was provisionally agreed to hold a 2day show at Altofts in 1971 & the Annual Show of 1day duration at the Duke of York Hotel.

Members felt it would be helpful if they could see pictures of flamed & feathered tulips before the show & the Secretary agreed to show some of his colour slides of tulips some time in April.

A raffle for chocolates donated by Mr J Hardman realised 14/-.

The next ordinary meeting to be held in March.

NH Eyre 2-11-71

Wakefield & North of Engalnd Tulip Society.

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