Mon 17th Jun 1968

Mr J Akers in the chair, Also present, Messrs

J.W.R. Fox, C. Heptinstall, H Collins, B. Carr,

J. Ward, J. Hardman, J. Taylor, A. Tear, W.D. Tear,

N.H. Eyre, S. Knowles, J.W. Prest & H.V. Calvert, secretary.

Apologies for unavoidable absence were received from Messrs W. Guest, L. Shaw, R.B. Green, G. Foster, R.A. Walker & B. Dodd.

Mr Akers reported that Mr G. Plant had been taken seriously ill with a lung complaint & was at present in Killingbeck hospital.

The minutes of the last meeting held on the 29th April 1968 were read & confirmed.

Correspondence. A letter was received from Mrs A Boydell, Hayton House, Aberford enquiring about membership. A letter was received from Mr J.G. Nassau now living at Shipley, enclosing a donation of 1 Gn.

A letter was received from 88 yr old Mr R.B. Brooker of Liverpool enclosing coloured photographs of his garden. A letter was read from Mrs E. Coles of Bingley who enclosed a copy of the "Northern Gardener" which featured her article about our Society & the English florist’s tulips. The secretary had already dealt with replies to the above correspondence & this was approved.

A letter had was read from the National Tulip Society of America, suggesting that we co-operate in the exchange of information & experiences & & asking for an article on "How to Grow & Groom for Exhibition. Also enclosed was a copy of their bulletin, "Tulip Tidings" which gave a summary of their activities throughout the

U.S.A The secretary reported that he had sent details of our Society & its aims & promised an article on growing for exhibition as requested. We did not seem to have much to offer the American Society at the present time, but welcomed the opportunity to exchange information & experiences.

The secretary’s action was approved.

Regarding the 1968 Shows, the secretary repo announced that a report was in the hands of the printers & would be distributed to members, together with a leaflet concerning the treatment of tulips after flowering, as soon as available. On the financial side, a statement was presented which showed a net profit on the Altofts Show of 9/9 & a net loss on the 132nd Annual Show of £4-1-8.

Inn. Because of other contributions to the Society, not entered in the Show accounts, the report was considered satisfactory. Once again the success of the shows was due to the concerted efforts of the members & the support of the public & we were also pleased to sign on seven new members. The show report was approved.

The following were accepted as new members to our Society.

Miss B.D. Snape, Rilston, Escrick, York,

Mrs. Hilda Townsend, 30, Rockley Drive, Kettlethorpe, Wakefield

Mr J. Ward, 13, Nowland St. Agbrigg Road, Wakefield.

Mr B. Carr, 10 Firkin Avenue, Stanley Nr Wakefield.

" J.K. Dixon 31, Carr Gate Mount, Wrenthorpe Nr Wakefield

" Frank Rhodes, Glen Eyre Hall, Bassett, Southampton.

" R.B. Green, 50 Sparable Lane, Sandal, Wakefield,

" Keith Eyre, 57, Water Lane, Middlestown, Yorks.

Mr W.D. Tear reported on his exhibit of old English florists tulips at the Chelsea flower show which were much admired. A letter from the R.H.S. committee expressed their great pleasure with Mr Tears exhibits but were not able recommend any awards for them as tulips for garden decoration.

Mr Tear also reported that Mr C.L.T.B. Metcalfe of 7, Martin Road, Mossley Hill, Liverpool 18, was very interested in the exhibits & wished to join the Society. His admission was approved.

It was agreed unanimously that the thanks of the Society be accorded to Mr Tear for his efforts on our behalf.

Mr Akers reported on his & Mr Hardman’s visit to see the late Mr W Markham old English tulips. They numbered about 250 & contained very good material

Mr Hardman proposed we should offer Mrs Markham £3-0-0 for them & if agreeable we would lift them at the appropriate time. This was agreed.

The secretary reported that several members had written requiring more old English tulips & it was agreed that we should see at the next meeting how many were available for distribution.

Mr W. Tear reported that De Jagers of Holland had enquired about the possibility of a "trade" exhibit being included in our Shows. After discussion it was decided to bring this matter up again at the next annual general meeting. It was agreed to hold the next meeting in July, when the bulb catalogues had been received & the bulbs lifted.

A raffle for chocolates donated by Mr Hardman & also an unclaimed prize form the annual show realised 14/-.

The meeting closed at 8-30 PM.

J Akers. July 30th 1968

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