Mon 17th Apr 1978

Chairman in the chair with 13 members present

W D Tear, James Akers, Jim Akers, J Taylor, J N Gibson, S Knowles, Mrs Townsend, P Emmett, M Jackson, H V Calvert, A Hayward

D Guest, Hon Sec K N Eyre

Apologies were received from N H Eyre, H Guest, R B Green

The minutes of the 141st A.G.M. were read and approved

Correspondence A letter was read from Victor Roozen of Holland offering a small trophy for encouragement of producing Breeders — the novice classes. After a short discussion the meeting decided to accept the offer and make a new class in the novice section

3 Breeders

Annual Reports These had been sent to members some days earlier after a few questions they were passed and carried. Proposed by J Akers and second by

J Taylor.

Election of Officers

President Marquis of Hartington

Vice President as read

Chairman C Harrison

Sec KN Eyre

Tres James Akers

Auditors C Harrison D Guest

Show Sec H V Calvert

Annual Show The Landlord informed the meeting that the 20th May was the only date that we could have the show.

AOB The Sec was instructed to write to RBGreen wish him a speedy recovery from his illness and thanking him for services to the Society.

A letter to be sent also to N H Eyre for his services to the society as auditor for many years.

Show Judge

Mr W D Tear offered to judge the English Tulips it was agreed that J Taylor would assist him and J Akers would judge the Dutch Tulips

Colin Harrison

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