Tue 16th Jun 1970

Mr J. Akers in the chair, also present, Messrs

C. Heptinstall, R.B. Green, M. Jackson, C. Marsh,

H. Collins, S. Knowles, J.W.R. Fox, J.W. Prest,

J. Fisher, A. Tear, J. Hardman & Mrs W. Townsend.

Apologies for unavoidable absence were received from Messrs P. Emmet, B. Carr, W.D. Tear & M. Kershaw.

The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed.

Correspondence was received from Miss B.D. Snape of York enclosing a donation of £1-0-0. This & all correspondence needing attention since the last meeting had been attended to by the secretary & this was approved.

New members. The following were confirmed as members of the Society. Mr C. Marsh, 51, Pugneys Road,

Portobello, Wakefield, & Mr K. Atkins, Box 661, Smithers, B.C. Canada.

The Secretary presented a report of the 1970 Shows, showing a net profit of £1-7-1 on the Altofts show & a net loss of £8-2-3 on the Annual Show.

Donations given at the Altofts which amounted to £3-0-0 at the annual show to £3-19-0, were to be recorded in the General Account & this was approved.

The next meeting was to be held on Tuesday the 18th of August when bulbs would be ordered.

The secretary was asked to send for catalogues & bring the latest Classified list of Tulip names.

A raffle for 25 O.E. tulips donated by Mr Akers & a box of chocolates donated by Mr J Hardman realised 15/-

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