Thu 16th Apr 1987

JG Hardman in the chair with the follow members present.. C Marsh H Jackson R Cotton J Akers

JN Gibson KN Eyre Hon Sec

Apologies were received from HN Eyre Jane L Eyre

Wendy Akers B Kitching A Hayward P Emmett

The members were read of the last two meetings and approved

Correspondence The Sun alliance were had sent the renewal notice for the insurance of the Trophies. The meeting agreed to pay the new price and hope to recover the cost in the repair of the trophies. A letter was read for a Mr Charter of Brighton. thanking the Society for sending a collection of bulbs in 1985 and renewed his membership. Other correspondence had been delt with by the secretary

Annual Show After a short discussion the date was fixed for the 23rd May but with the rider that if in the next few days the weather got warmer it should be brought forward to the 16th May.

Venue Holmfield House was again proposed and seconded. the secretary reported that the change this year would be £65

Opener The Secretary was asked to enquire at the Town Hall with a view to ask the Mayor or is Deputy to open the show

Judges The meeting agreed that the show would be judged by Jane L Eyre again this year as she was still at college and not growing bulbs.

Prize Money It was agreed that only prize money would be paid to the Dutch class this year and for the main prizes. Engraved glasses would be given to the most points in the Dutch Open, Novice and extra open. The purchase of the glassware to be left to James Akers.

Posters Wendy Akers had offered to make the posters again this year.

Schedules The Secretary again took on the job of printing the schedules with the new amendments.

Bottles and Vases The Manager agreed to save the empty bottles at Holmfield House the week before the show, James Akers would see that the vases were collected from Normanton

Raffle The meeting approved the purchase of printed raffle tickets for this years show.

after the the price to be set at 5p each. The chairman asked the members for Raffle Prizes the order of the draw would be taken as the prizes were received.

The meeting closed about 9.30pm

J.L. Akers

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