Sun 16th Apr 1950

Members Present Messrs Tear K Robinson

Reg Robinson Hunt Booth Moutter

EH Robinson Prest Davis A Robshaw

W Robinson Eyre & the Sec J Akers

Mr Eyre was elected Chairman


Pro Mr Tear sec EH Robinson that minutes of previous meeting be confirmed.

Secretary distributed 100 raffle tickets each for Altofts Show

Secretary to see N Panton see about 100 vases for Altofts Show

Pro Mr Hunt sec Mr Moutter that Sec write E Stevenson 68 Northfield Lane Horbury for loan of 100 vases from Horbury and Ossett Chrysanthemum Soc.

Pro Reg Robinson sec Mr Tear

That EH Robinson propose vote of thanks to Mr Hestletine Opener at Altofts Show & That Mr Beddows second vote of thanks.

The Secretary asked for volunteers to see Mr Bell of the Whinney Moor Hotel re tables.


Proposed Mr Moutter sec Mr Hunt That we have same three judges as previous.

Proposed A Robshaw sec Reg Robinson

That we have one old judge and two new ones

Amendment carried

Mr Beddows & Mr EH Robinson tied

Mr Eyre & Mr W Robinson elected as new judges

Proposed W Robinson sec Reg Robinson that all four judge. Judging to be by the card system.

Pro Mr Hunt sec Reg Robinson that Secretary write Mayor’s Secretary re a booklet to be printed in Wakefield about old Societies such as ours.

40 cigarettes were subscribed & raffled for 7/- . Mr Tear won & auctioned same for 3/6. 2/6 was paid for room out of it.

Meeting closed at 1.20pm

W Beddows

( Ed. note, Wakefield Booklet on Old Societies 1950?)

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