Sat 16th Mar 1957

Members Present Messrs Hunter (President) Beddows

Tear, Eyre, Hunt, Calvert, Bell, Prest, Laycock

Hardman, Booth, Markham, E H Robinson & the secretary J Akers.

Minutes Pro H V Bell sec H Calvert "that the minutes of previous meeting be accepted ad a true record.


A further letter from Messrs Barrs saying they were pleased we were at to discuss their offer of

Old English Tulips bulbs at this meeting" was received.

Mr Hunters remarks at the last meeting was discussed

Again there were many reasons given as to why the breeders break. Messrs E H Robinson & Markham seemed to think that lime caused them to break

The secretary favoured the idea that the breaking took place through the seed organs.

It was Pro W Beddows sec A Tear that we offer

Messrs Barrs £150 for his stock of Old English Tulips

The following members agreed to purchase shares.

W Tear £10 A Tear £10 N Eyre £10 E H Robinson £5

A Laycock £5 J Hardman £5

This brings the total to £110.


Show business

Pro W Beddows sec N Eyre that the Mayor of Wakefield be asked to open show at the Thornes Club."

Pro J Hardman Sec G Hunt

That Mr L A Haynes be asked to judge the Dutch Tulips at the Thornes Show

Pro G Hunt that Mr E H Robinson be one judge for the English Classes

Pro E H Robinson Sec W Markham

‘That Mr Midgley be sole judge for the English Classes’ This was carried.

Pro W Beddows sec H V Calvert

That Schedules for Shows be same as laste year.

A Raffle realised 12/- after paying 2/6

for room.

Meeting closed 8 pm.

FRHunter 13th April 1957.

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