Fri 15th Oct 1937

Members Present Messrs G A Brook W Beddows R Robinson

G Still W Robinson A T Means, E H Robinson

The minutes of the last meeting were duly read and past as a true record by a proposition from GA Brook seconded by G Still and the first item in the agenda was the financial report. After the secratery’s report, the committee him to pay prize money to 1 third of sheduled list

A discussion then followed as to the purchase Tulip Bulbs for new Growers

Mr Brook kindly promised to purchase 300 from Fox of Normanton on behalf of the society this was accepted by a proposition from G Still seconded by W Robinson

The last item of busyness was a lengthy discussion as to the possibility of increasing our Xmas Cheer, and the feeling was that it should be increased in number and quality the secratry was instructed to attend to same. Pro Mr Brook seconded

W Robinson} That Xmas draw be left intirly in secratery’s hand

W Beddows

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