Mon 15th Sep 1980

The Chair was take by the chairman C Harrison with 11 other members present J Earnshaw, J Taylor

A Hayward, P Emmett, R Cotton, S Knowles, R Laughlin,

J L Akers, W Akers, R Perraudin, KN E Hon Sec

Apologies were received from or on behalf of

H N Eyres, J Akers, H C Calvert, J Gibson, J Hardman

Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

Matters arising — None

Correspondence A letter was read from the Countess of Avon asking for membership. The Secretary in formed the meeting that Rory McEwan had asked for membership be sent to the Countess.

New Members — Countess of Avon, D Slater

Bulb Ordered

Tom Ten members ordered bulbs from Messrs parkers also some bulbs from Birkwood Nurseries at a slitely cheaper prices. as some members who The Secretary informed the meeting that Mr H Calvert was not going to plant his bulbs this year and had offered to sell all his Top flowering size bulbs of Sir Joseph P??? for 50p a bulb + offset.

The Chairman Proposed that the Society could purchase all 15 bulbs for £7.50 and distribute them to members present. This was second by J Taylor? The bulbs were given

To C Harrison, J Earnshaw, J Taylor, A Hayward,

P Emmett, R Cotton, s Knowles, R Laughlin, J Akers,

W Akers, J Perraudin, J Seed, J Eyre, UV Vickers

Next Meeting The Chairman asked if any of the members wished to have a Social evening XXX and supper, after some discussion it was agreed to have a slide evening and the Secretary would bring slides take by

M H V Calvert. Mr & Mrs J L Akers offered to make a few sandwiches. The date was to be the 20th October at 7.45 at the Duke of York.

It was hoped to distribute the bulbs from

Parkers at that meeting but if they have arrived.

The meeting closed at 9.00pm

Colin Harrison

1971 page 74

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