Mon 15th Jun 1981

JG Hardman in the chair with 14 other members

present J Earnshaw, S Knowles, P Emmett, J Gibson,

J Seed, FR Perraudin, R Cotton, J Akers, J L Akers,

Wendy Akers, A Harper, R Laughlin

Apologies were received from H N Eyre H V Calvert

B Tear A Hayward

The Chairman welcome the members to the meeting and expressed several remarks about the new meeting place. The members were in agreement, at ( the last meeting held at the Duke of York the room had not been cleared for the weekend with stayle food still on the floor)

The minute of the last meeting were read and approved

Matters arising – None


A letter was read for Mr M A Britten asking about a News Book on Tulips. Our President sent he regards and apologies for not been able to attend the Annual Show.

A letter for the popular gardening asking for news and article on the Society. the meeting felt that we should send them ?????? of the shows.

Mr s Knowles handed the chairman an envelope with £15.00 in this is from the sale of plants

The chairman thanked Mr Knowles for the gift and asked for this to be recorded.

Show Report

The result had been sent out some days earlier. the show made a profit of £19.57

The meeting requested that in future the Annual Show should be held in Holmfield House.

Next meeting

Some member would like to purchase bulbs for Parkers again this year XXX A date about the end of July would be suitable

The meeting closed at 8.45pm

J L Akers

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