Sat 15th Jun 1957

Members Present

Messrs Hunter (President) W Beddows

A Tear, J Hardman, N Eyre, G Hunt,

H V Calvert, J Prest, W Booth, E H Robinson

A T Meens A Laycock & the Secretary J Akers.

Pro E H Robinson } that minutes of

Sec A Tear } previous meeting be accepted as a true record.

Pro W Beddows } that £2.2.0 be paid

Sec G Hunt } to that Thornes W M’s Club for the use of the Show Room.

Report of Show

Pro J Hardman } that the

Sec W Beddows } financial statement if the shows be accepted. It was agreed by members that we had done better than expected to lose only £1.0.7 on the


two shows.

Mr Hunt next raised a point put to him by Mr W Markham who could not attend "That none of the new bulbs from Messrs Barrs be sold to outsiders until they had be grown one year."

The President made it clear on a guarantee by the Secretary that the bulbs to be distributed this year would come from the Secretary’s own Collection

Mr Tear produced a catalogue from

Messrs Barrs advertising all the Old English

Florists varieties at the Chelsea Show.

It was moved Mr Beddows sec Mr Eyre

"That in our Correspondence with Messrs

Barrs they may sell some through the society & that we await events" this was carried.

The Secretary asked for the money to purchase the bulbs be sent to him in

August. Mr Burton, Mr E H Robinson & Mr Beddows paid £5 each.


The Secretary had received three letters & one caller enquiring about some of the Old English Bulbs which the

Presidents had publicised in the

Wakefield Express & the Yorkshire Post

The Secretary to provide these people with the Bulbs.

The following were made new members as a result.

Mr Hunt "Westleigh" Womersly Rd Knottingly

Rev A Littleton Carlinglow Vicarage Batley

Mrs F E Wrightson Wyndham Kirby moorside Yorks


At the Show Mr W H Laycock Northern Collingham

Dr Donald G Ineson "Milestones" Hightown Liversedge

Mr Hirst arrived as the meeting was closing

A Raffle realised 11/6 after 2/6 for Room

Meeting Closed 8 pm

FRHunter Oct 12th 1957

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