Sat 15th Mar 1958

Members Present Messrs E H Robinson (Chairman)

N Eyre, A Tear, J Prest, J Hardman, AT Meens

W Markham A Laycock, HV Calvert HV Bell

F Booth & the secretary J Akers.

Owing to the absence of the President & Chairman

Mr EH Robinson presided.


Pro N Eyre } that minutes of previous

Sec A Tear } meeting be accepted as a true record.

Arising out of the minutes it was

Pro J Hardman } that the secretary’s

Sec HV Calvert } action in fixing the Show on Saturday the 17th May at the Thornes

Club be confirmed.

On an open vote for or against the show being open by his worship the Mayor of Wakefield all voted against except Mr Calvert.

It was decided to bring up the business of whether we should have any other opener at the next meeting.

There was a discussion on the Schedule

The words "Open" & "Local" & the Classes to be discussed at the next meeting.

A raffle realised 8/6 & 2/6 for the room.

Next meeting March 27th.

Meeting closed 8-5 pm



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