Tue 14th Nov 1967

Apologies for unavoidable absence were received from

Messrs R.D. Wood, J G. Nassau, F. Brunning G. Hunt &

R. Hunt.

The following new members were approved.

Mr Timothy R. Clark, Netherhall Manor, Tanners Lane, Soham Ely, Cambrigeshire.

Mr E.J.F. Wilkinson, 52 Lincoln Avenue, Southgate London N 14

Miss E. Wyatt Wingrave, 24, Mill Green Lyme Regis, Dorset, Mrs M. Butroid, Wigthorpe Farm, Wigthorpe, Worksop.

The minutes if the 131st Annual General Meeting held 28th November 1966 were read & confirmed. There were not no matters arising.

Correpondence. A letter was read from Dr D.G. Ineson saying he was glad to see we were still keeping the flag flying & enclosing £1-0-0 subscription

Other correspondence, mainly routine matters & inquires since the last ordinary meeting had been dealt with by the secretary, These were approved & passed as read.

A statement of accounts for the year ended 30th Sept. 1967 showed a net profit on the years workings of £9-1-7. The secretary pointed out that this success was due to the concerted efforts of the members, who bought & sold raffle tickets, gave donations & subscriptions & brought blooms for exhibition & sale to the public.

Commenting on the Secretarys report, Mr A Tear said that every body had been a mentioned except Mr & Mrs Bradley of the Jockey at Altofts & he felt that they should be thanked for their help with the Altofts Show. The secretary apologised for the omission & promised to write a letter of thanks to Mr & Mrs Bradley.

It was proposed by Mr Fox, seconded by Mr Eyre that the Financial Statement & report be approved.

The hon. Auditors reported the books to be in order. A vote of thanks to the Auditors was expressed by Mr Fox.

It was proposed by Mr Akers, seconded by M Tear that the Secretary & Treasurer should receive honorariums as last year. ie. £6-0-0 & £1-1-0 respectively.

Election of Officers.

It was proposed by Mr J. Akers & seconded by Mr J Tayor & approved unanimously that Mr F. R. Hunter be re-elected President.

Vice Presidents & Patrons. Proposed Mr A. Tear, seconded by N H Eyre that Vice presidents & patrons be re-elected en bloc & that Mr J Hardman & Mrs H White also be elected in view of their valued services to the Society. This motion was approved.

Proposed Mr Collins, seconded Mr Heptinstall that the following be re-elected.

Chairman Mr J. Akers.

Secretary. Mr H.V. Calvert.

Treasurer. Mr W J.W. Prest.

Hon Auditors Messrs N.H Eyre & A. Tear.

The question of having a stall at the next

Chelsea show was discussed but it was agreed to let the matter lie for the time being.

It was agreed to have 2 shows as usual in 1968 & Mr Tear promised to make enquires at the Jockey, Altofts

A raffle for chocolates donated by Mr Hardman realised 14/-.

J Akers Mar 12th 1968

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