Sat 14th Oct 1950

Members present Messrs Hunter (Chairman)

Beddows Tear Eyre EH Robinson

Reg Robinson Prest Moutter Booth

K Robinson & the Secretary J Akers

Pro Mr Tear Sec Mr Eyre that minutes of previous meeting be confirmed

Secretary then gave a balance sheet of both the years shows

Items brought up for consideration were lack of customers for sale of bloom at principal Show on the

Sunday night

Mr EH Robinson brought up the item of judging. All were in favour of card system and it was agreed not to make the mistake of not having more than three judges again

It was agreed that Secretary put on the Agenda for the General Meeting that the Principal Show be one day only, Mr Beddows who had arrived late demurred.

Secretary gave an account of some vases all aluminium with removable bas called

Easy Pack Vases which he had seen at Liverpool, He had entered into a contract with two other Societies

The Normanton Paxton Society to pay £12 for 50 vases

Lee Brigg CH Soc to pay £6 for 25

Wakefield & Normanton Tulip Soc to pay £6 for 25

The 100 vases to be available to each Society as required.

The Secretary to store 50

The Normanton Paxton Soc to store 50

Any vase or vases lent by a Society to be made good by that Soc.

Pro Mr EH Robinson sec Mr A Tear that sec keep on sending postcards to each member re meetings etc.

Meeting closed 8.5 pm signed ) FR Hunter March 3rd 1951

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