Sat 14th Jul 1951

Members present . Messrs Hunter

(President) Beddows Tear Hunt

Prest Eyre Booth Calvert and the Sec

J Akers.


Pro MR Hunt sec Mr Prest that minutes be accepted as a true record.


The secretary read a letter from

Mr Walker saying that he was not satisfied with the judging and would not show next year unless the matter was rectified.

Pro MR Eyre sec Mr Beddows that this matter be brought up at the Annual Meeting with a recommendation that there be one judge only.

Shows Report

The Secretary gave a report of the Shows which had shown a profit.

A vote of thanks was pro Mr Tear sce Mr Hunt to the Secretary.

The Secretary objected to the breaking up of the shows on the first day even for financial success.

Pro Mr Beddows Sec Mr Hunt that it be recommended to the General Meeting That the

Whinney Moor Show be of ONE DAY

The President (Mr Hunter objected to the inadequate & incorrect report in the "Wakefield Express" of the Show. The Secretary pointed out that this report was not the same as in the Normanton Edition

The Secretary was instructed to apologise to the Opener (Mrs Burrows) for the mistake in reporting Mr Midgley as the Opener.

Any other business

Pro N Eyre sec Mr G Hunt

That in future Father & Son can both exhibit English

Tulips from separate Tulip Beds in the same garden.

Mr J B Hirst was elected a member

(Bananas etc Donor Mr Hunter were raffled Profit 6/3 after 2/6 had been deducted for rent of room

Meeting closed at 8.10pm

Next Meeting General Meeting in January

FR Hunter March 8th 1952

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