Sat 14th Jun 1952

Members present. Messrs Hunter (President)

Beddows Tear Eyre Prest Calvert

Booth Meens Hunt & the Sec J Akers

Pro Mr Hunt sec Mr Beddows that minutes of the last meeting be confirmed


The Secretary then gave his repotr on the Shows which had resulted in a loss of £5.7.9. It was agreed that this was better than expcted considering the poorness of the Whinney

Moor Show which had not been held on the second day owing to the state of the bloom.

The clearance of the Whinney Moor

Show was next raised by the President & Secretary who with the help of Mr Meens had the clearance to themselves. It was agreed that next year members should be detailed for the job.

It was also agreed to try and find another venue for the show.

The secretary was instructed to procure tulip bulbs from Messrs

Barrs for certain members.

Mr Tear refunded 7/2 money for cigarettes not claimed in raffle.

Raffle realized 7/6 after 2/6 had been paid for room.

FR Hunter

Sept 29th 1952

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