Sat 14th Apr 1956

Members Present Messrs Hunter (President) Beddows, Tear, Eyre, Hunt, Calvert, Markham, Bell

Prest, Midgley, K Robinson, F Booth & the secretary

J Akers.

Minutes Pro A Tear } That minutes of

Sec W Beddows} previous meeting be accepted as a true record

Correspondence Pro W Beddows } That correspondence

Sec N Eyre } be accepted

Arising out of the correspondence it was

Pro A Tear sec G Hunt "That the secretary deal with the letter from the Northern Horticultural

Society asking for an account of the History of the Wakefield & N of E Tulip Society.

The show business to be dealt with at the next meeting May 5th 1956

Chrysathemums Plants Chocolate & Eggs were raffled

Mr Hunter won 3 prizes.

Raffle & sale of eggs won by Mr Hunter realised 18/- after paying 2/6 for room.

WBeddows May 5th


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