Sat 14th Mar 1953

Members Present

Messrs Beddows (Chairman) Eyre EH

Robinson K Robinson Reg Robinson H Calvert

F Booth A Rogers AT Meens K Rumford & the Sec J Akers


Pro EH Robinson sec N Eyre that minutes of previous meeting be confirmed

Show Business

Pro Mr Calvert that Class 10 (English) should preference instead of ??? & pan of 3 Stages Class

Pro H Calvert sec EH Robinson that Classes 1-4 be cancelled others to be as before (Whinney Moor Schedule 1952)

Dutch classes for same show

Pro EH Robinson sec K Robinson

Class 1 to be a Coronation Class of 9 Tulips pro K Robinson sec K Rumford that 1st prize be a Gold Medal.

Pro N Eyre sec K Robinson that Class 8 be not bronze as now but 5 any colour not mentioned above.

Pro K Robinson sec K Rumford that there be a Gold Medal for most points Dutch Classes as usual.

Pro N Eyre sec EH Robinson that Mr AT Meens judge the English Classes.

Pro K Robinson sec K Rumford that Mr Rogers judge the Dutch.

Pro EH Robinson sec H Calvert that the Sec write Miss Taylor at the Mayors Parlour with a view to the Mayor opening this years Show.

Pro H Calvert sec EH Robinson that 1/- be charged for Dutch Classes.

Mr EH Robinson raised the point of vice-presidents & suggested Secretary write to same& send schedules also to

Mr W W Hartley Castle Hill Farm Horbury

Mr S Larard (?) Grove Road Horbury

The Secretary gave 2 doz plants to raffle which realized 7/6 after 2/6 had been paid for room . 1707 EH Robinson 1710 K Robinson

Next Meeting Apl 11th

FR Hunter

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