Wed 13th Oct 1982

The meeting had to be relocated due to a fine at the Unity Hall.

JG Hardman in the chair with 22 other members present

M Hainsworth, Y Bradfield, J N Gibson, J hodgson, C Marsh

R Loughton, J Seed, J Earnshaw, A Harper, A Hayward

M Jackson, K Dunkley, P Emmett, S Knowles R Cotton

R Perraudin, C Harrison, Jim Akers, James Akers, J Ollerenshaw

Jane Eyre, Hon Sec K N Eyre

Apologies NH Eyre, HV Calvert, Wendy Akers

The minutes of the last meetingwere read and approved

Correspondence a letter was read from the

Sun Alliance insurance stating that the premium for the trophies was to increase at the value for them reassured R Laughlin proposed and A Harper seconded that this was in order.

Bulbs the main business of the meeting was the allocation of bulbs given by Mr Jim Akers.

Mr Jim Akers as been growing the English Florist Tulip for over 100 55 years XXXX Helping to keep the good strains of the varieties by the careful selection each year. Over the last few years introducing new Varieties.

ie Wakefield. A very fine feathered Rose Bill Beddows A well shape Bizarre Breeder Garfield Hunt . a bright red with gold ????

R F Hunter Bronze Big Breeder

Akers flower " " "

Mr Akers asked that at the age of 80 years old decided to let most of his collection go to members of the Society so that they can continue the good work he has done in the preservation of the English Tulip.

Raffle a raffle was held for 4 bulbs of Bill Beddows and raised £10.40

The meeting close at 9.00pm

Mr Perraudin proposed a vote of thanks to Mr Akers for the bulbs and Mr C Harrison seconded it

(Signed JG Hardman April 18th 1983)

1971 page 90