Sat 13th Jun 1953

Members present

Messrs Hunter ( President) Beddows

Tear Eyre Hunt EH & K Robinson

A Robshaw J Prest Calvert AT Meens F Booth

A Rogers & the sec J Akers


Pro Mr Beddows sec Mr EH Robinson that the minutes be accepted as a true record

Show Report

The Secretary read out the financial report of the show which had realized a profit of 16/9 after all expenses had been paid.

Messrs Beddows and EH Robinson spoke of the pleasure of again holding a show with a profit, of the excellent public attendance & the sale of bloom at which members had not had to buy back their own bloom all agreed at the help received from the committee , secretary, & steward of the club. The President wished it to be recorded

That this was the first time on which he had as usual taken the Mayor’s or Opener’s party for a drink to find the first round was on the House.

It was proposed by F Booth seconded by N Eyre That the secretary;s report of the show be adopted.

On the secretay seeking what form his reply to the Thornes WM’ Club should be it was pro Tear sec K Robinson that £2.2.0 be sent to the club Committee to spend at thir discretion.

After a further discussion it was pro Beddows sec K Robinson That £1.1.0 be also sent to the Steward.

Mr EH Robinson spoke of the service rendered to the society by Mr F Booth a non exhibiting member& proposed that 5/- be given him. Mr Hunt offered a new 5/- piece to be presented to him.

The Secretary paid for this on behalf of the proposal Mr Robshaw seconded this proposal & the President showed great pleasure in presenting the piece to an appreciative Freddie.

Show Judging

The secretary said the blooms taken by him from the show & pressed had proved a failure but he still wished to proceed with standardizing the judging of the English Tulip

After discussion on the breeder colour going round the feathered petals & allowance of the thumb mark.

Mr Calvert said he had read the books etc by Mr Bentley and Sir Daniel

Hall who had fixed a standard. This standard as quoted by Mr Calvert seemed to fill the bill it was therefore agreed pro Calvert sec G Hunt That

Messrs Eyre Meens & Calvert bring the required literature to the next meeting.

New Members

Pro Mr Hunter sec Mr Meens that the following be accepted as new members.

H V Bell Esq. 70 Broadway Lupset Wakefield

C Smith Esq.

Pro G Hunt sec W Beddows that next meeting be July 25th

Tomatoes (Donor J Akers)

Eggs (Donor Mr Hunter) were raffkled which realized 10/6 after paying 2/6 for room signed FR Hunter

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