Sat 13th Apr 1957

Members Present Messrs Hunter (President) Beddows

Tear, Eyre, Midgley, Prest, Calvert, Markham, Hunt Bell, Booth, Laycock & the Secretary J Akers.

Minutes Pro J Prest } that minutes of previous

Sec HV Bell } meeting be accepted as a true record

Correspondence Pro N Eyre } that Correspondence

Sec W Beddows } which was be accepted. A

letter was received from Messrs Barrs in reply to our acceptance of his offer re English Tulips which stated he would keep half Stocks of Habit De Noce, Cavendish Flamed

Lord Stanley Flamed James Wild Flamed & the rest was ours for £100.


A letter was also received from a periodical

"The Queen" asking for an article on English Tulips.

the Secretary had agreed to send them one.

Pro A Tear } that payment for same be

Sec G Hunt } sent after the Tulip Show.

Judge for Altofts Show

Pro W Beddows } that Mr Markham

Sec JW Midgley } be asked to judge the show. Mr Markham agreed.

Mr Midgley agreed to judge the Thornes Show

A raffle realised 10/6 after paying 2/6 for Room.

Meeting closed 8 pm.

Next meeting May 11th 1957

FRHunter May 11th

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