Sat 13th Mar 1943

Members present were Messrs (W Beddow Chairman)

R Robinson jun, A Akers, A Tear, A Robshaw

C Baxendale, C Hamshire, G Hunt, W Robinson,

T Booth ,J Moulter, J Prest, N Eyre, EH Robinson

The minutes of last Meeting were duly read and carried unanimusly by a proposition from G Hunt seconded by N Eyre

The correspondence contained a letter from Mr Ellis Walker, re a request for a few bulbs of ( Cyrano) but as Mr Walker stated he had already planted and his bulbs were not making many, he could not as yet afford to let any go

The committee expressed a desire that at some future date Mr Walker or any other member, posessing this outstanding bulb, may find it advisable to let a few out amongst other members.

A Statement of Accounts was then read resulting in a balance in hand of over £60, The Chairman remarked that during the past six or sebven years the societies financial position had grown tremendusly, and he well remember during the later years, how the committee used to see what all the accounts were paid, and divide the rest, about £6 or £7 into prize money

Now he went on to say we are receiving £17 in prizes and we have a good banking account he wished to thank all those responsible and hope the success would continue

The ellection of Offices then took place and the secratery was sorry to report that the death last July of Sir A D Hall we should be obliged to select someone in his stead

The following Nominees were proposed

Mr Robertson, Mr Hunter, Mr Akers and after some keen discussion & voting

Mr Hunter was duly ellected by a casting vote from the Chair

The secratery then stated that he was very sorry to report that owing to working conditions he would be unable for the time being to officiate but would give all assistance he could to his successer

A Proposition from A Robshaw second by W Robinson, That Mr G Hunt be secratery for the ensuing year, was carried unanimusly

The following is a full list of Officials for 1943

President Mr FR Hunter Horbury

Vice President, WK Bramham esq, South Milford

WW Hartly esq Horbury

R Robinson esq "

W Beddows esq Altofts

F Fox esq Normanton

E Walker esq Altrincham

JW Midgly esq Halifax

EH Robinson esq Horbury

J Akers esq Altofts

Mr Senior Horbury

Mr Chater Finchly

Mr Robertson Parks Superintendent

Mr Haly Wakefield

Secratery Mr G Hunt Horbury

Tresurer A Robshaw Alverthorpe

Auditors Messrs N Eyre & EH Robinson

Mr Moulter in proposing a vote of thanks to our late secratery also proposed that his name be added to our list of Vice Presidents this was seconded and carried unanimusly

The following new members were duly proposed, seconded and carried and became members as from the 13 day of March 1943

Mr Norman Smith Horbury

Mr J Prest Horbury

The next meeting to take place on Saturday April 10th at 6-30 PM

W Beddows 10th April 1943
FR Hunter 8th April 1944

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