Mon 13th Feb 1961

The minutes of the last Annual General Meeting

held at the Jockey Hotel on 7th March 1960 were read

& confirmed.

Members present Messrs F.R. Hunter (president),

J. Akers, N.H. Eyre, R. Hunt, E.H. Robinson,

J.W. Prest, A. Tear, W. Markham, F. Booth, A.T. Meenz,

L. Rogerson & H.V. Calvert.

Financial Statement. A statement of accounts for 1960 was presented to members showing a net profit on the years working of £3-13-11.

The Treasurer, Mr J.W. Prest reported having £62-17-6 in the Bank, which, with £1-0-0 in the Secretary’s hands made total each assets of £63-17-6. at January 1961.

Auditors Report. In the absence of Mr A Tear, who was

una unable to be present, at the audit was done by Mr N.H. Eyre, who reported the balance sheets to be correct & the books in order. Thanks to the Auditor was proposed by Mr Akers & seconded by

Mr Tear. The Adoption of the balance sheet, was moved by Mr Robinson & seconded by Mr Meens was carried.

Election of Officers. Proposed by Mr J Akers & seconded by Mr E.H. Robinson that the Officers be returned en bloc, & Mr J Akers to be included in the list of Vice-Presidents.

Annual Shows. Proposed Mr Eyre seconded Mr Prest that there be two shows in 1961.

Proposed Mr Tear, seconded Mr Markham that the first Show be held at Horbury on 6th May.

An amendment to fix the discus the matter at a later date was defeated. It was agreed not to fix the date of the main Show at present. In the meantime, as it was felt by members that we


should have another venue, Mr Hunter would enquire into the possibility of having a room at the Three

Houses Inn, Sandal.

Members Subscriptions. Proposed by Mr Markham seconded Mr Akers that the Novice members subscription of 1/- be abolished & that all members pay an annual subscription of 5/-, this to include all

entry fees at the main Show.

Proposed Mr Eyre & seconded Mr Tear that at the show for Tulips (other English Florists), the entry fee should be as at present, 3d per entry with a maximum of 2/- to cover any number of entries.

Proposed Mr R Hunt, seconded Mr Eyre that the secretary should write & Mr Robinson enquire if we could have the Conservative Club for the

Horbury Show on May 6th.

Show Judges. Proposed Mr Tear, seconded Mr E.H.

Robinson that Mr A.T. Meens should be the judge for the early show.

Proposed Mr Akers, seconded Mr Eyre that Mr J.W. Midgeley to judge the English Florists

Tulips at the late show, or failing him, Mr Meens.

A raffle for eggs & chocolates, donors Mr Hunter

& Mr Akers, realised 11/-

The next meeting was fixed for 20th March at 7-0 PM.

FRHunter 19th Feb 1962


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