Sat 13th Feb 1954

Members Present

Messrs Hunter (president) Beddows

Tear Eyre Hunt Booth Markham Jules (?)

Hardman Prest Calvert Meens & the Sec

J Akers

Minutes pro Eyre sec Mr Beddows

That minutes of previous AGM be accepted as a true record

Auditors Report. Mr Eyre said that the books of the society were in good order & that the Balance Sheet was satisfactory considering the extra printing, repairs to one of our cups& and Coronation Medal

He also said That we had the usual show at Altofts we may have made a profit Mr Tear concurred.

Secretary’s Report. The secretary explained various items on the balance sheet and while appreciating that we had gained in members at the Altofts end

The Horbury Members seemed to be getting less.

Pro Mr Beddows sec Mr Hunt That the

Auditors report &Balance Sheet be accepted

A Vote of thanks on the Secretary’s report was moved by Mr Hardman sec by Mr Etre.

Election of Officers pro J Akers sec N Eyre

That Mr Hunter be re-elected President.

& that the rest be elected en-bloc.

New Members Pro Mr Prest sec Mr Hunt

That the following be elected members

Mr Jukes 45 Croft Ave Altofts

Cn R Bab "Thornleigh" Northfield Lane Horbury

Mr C Hamshire

Mr G Knight

Shows for 1954

Pro Mr Hunt sec Mr Calvert

That we hold two shows in 1954

Pro Eyre sec Hunt thatwe hold one at Thornes Club. Secretary to write the Club Secretary Dates 15th &16th & 22nd 23rd May pro Mr Eyre sec Mr Hardman that we hold a Show at Altofts.

Pro Mr Calvert sec Mr Meens That the varieties of Old English Tulips having deteriorated in numbers the Society shall give a Trophy to be awarded annually to the best seedling. Mr Hunter agreed to provide such a trophy.

A raffle was held (Prizes ??? donated by

Mr Hunter) realized 12/- after paying2/6 for meeting room. The Secretary’s Honorarium to be £6 as usual. Meeting closed 8pm

Next Meeting March 13th

FR Hunter Jan 2?th 1953(?)

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